Presenting Bouncing Burger Grand Opening!

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Bouncing Burger has opened its first location in Fayetteville Ga! Bouncing Burger was founded in 2022 by Beatrice N. She decided to come up with her own line of burgers because she couldn't find a burger that exactly fit her liking. She wanted to create a burger that was on the healthier end of the spectrum and didn't contain all of the unnecessary ingredients and added calories. So she started her own restaurant and named it Bouncing Burger.

Review from customer Mary Jane

There is no way McDonald's, Krystal, Burger King, or any other fast food places can compete with Bouncing Burger. These burgers are absolutely amazing and tast way better than any other Ive had, they are also healthier which is exactly what I need. The customer service is also amazing, there is a drive-through option or you can dine in which is a really amazing experience.

Be sure to check us out!

1648 West Avenue Fayetteville Ga. 303385

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