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Boss Cat Bill

I'm the boss cat of this company. I insist on having a fresh cup of coffnip every morning. Purrrfect organization is my top priority. My team is made up of the most trustworthy felines and K9s around. I will be adding more felines to my team soon. Most animals are welcome, hoomans are tolerated under certain circumstances. Note to hooman: Remember to bring food and yarn...Oh and I almost forgot, a dog biscuit.


I am the only K9 in this company. If you are aware not all K9s and felines get along but I have won my place in their hearts. My main job is to be a bodyguard to my feline friends especially when we need to get past the neighbour's dog. I enjoy eating dog biscuits and putting Chihuahuas in their rightful places.

Nerdy Cat

I am the big brains behind this company. I love problem solving and tend to be very good at decoding the ways of mice. Reading is one of my biggest pastimes. I am also highly skilled at math and after much calculation have concluded that another dog is much too costly for my human family to afford (I do tolerate Leo though).


I am a great listener and spend my time conversing with other likeminded felines. I usually sport a tie along with a pair of Wellys because wet paws are the worst. I also spend a considerable amount of time catnapping and thinking inside my box. I try my absolute best to keep my fur squeaky clean, and I set aside 2 hours a day just for that. I am Boss Cat Bill's closest advisor, although he is our head manager he sometimes needs an extra brain. I only eat the highest quality cat food available, and I shun rats and all other rodents.